Fowler, Grahams, and Purcells

Flats Bum at Cayo Frances


Scott & Mike Graham, Andrew & John Purcell, Gerald Fowler


Had a blast! Jeff is an awesome host!
First day, I landed five bones and a little permit. Jumped a tarpon the next morning killing time.  I only fished w/ guide the first day and we went out front up north, I didn't see much bow time but straightened a hook on a good permit.

Permit SUP

My DIY days: broke a rod tip in 30 seconds after getting dropped off, fish to hand, slid out and wrapped the stake /out pole, luckily Andres was watching me, I flagged him back to go get another rod. do it yourself bonefish in belizeOver two dozen to hand before noon, so I blew off bones and started looking for baby tarpon and snook, to no avail. They haven't had rain in three months and I think the salinity was too high.  Anyway, blew a pod of tailing perms w/ a too heavy fly. Then found two cruisers and got the lead fish to eat. about 15#
Ambergris Permit
....then after a few cervessas w/ the crew, grabbed a sit on top and paddled to a lagoon to get my slam...nothing but skeeters, and a lot of them. Next day took me north for a shuttle...hooked a few bones early but was on a mission for snook and tarpon...never happened never saw one, in to the dock by noon, Andres took me back out to where I was the day before, but andrew and john had already poled it hard...Blew a single permit and caught a few more bones...
Where can i bonefish without a guide
I caught a few on one of the flies my 8YO tied, then mostly a bastardized christmas island in orange, gotchas, and some unweighted left over craft fur things. The permit came on shrimp patterns.

Food was great, and there was way too much of it...

I for one, enjoyed it all. Jeff made sure it was all good. Guides were on time each day and were excellent at their guiding abilities.  Food was exceptional. I was comfortable, slept well, weather could not have been better. What wind! San Pedro was something else, the hotel was very comfortable,  bar at every corner, big bonefish were very aggressive and rolling tarpon just off the front and back street docks. What? I had a gr8 time and will do it again in a heart beat! Thank you for all your help and guidance.
~Mike Graham
Belize Tarpon do it yourself

“It was great, we all caught fish including Tarpon, Bones and Permit. No Snook. Mike and Gerry used Guides that Gerry knew about $350/day all three days.Scott took out a Bote one day but found it difficult to fish in the wind. Andrew and I used a Scanu one day and caught fish but also very difficult to handle in the wind. Everybody liked the food including me but I think the chef could have been a little more imaginative with spices and I.e. onions and green peppers in scrambled eggs. Definitely need bug spray for no-see-ums and mosquitos when no breeze. Too much bread on lunch sandwiches, would have preferred wraps. Sleeping conditions were very pleasant using a fan at foot of bed. Jeff is a very amicable host. We all enjoyed him and the dogs. Next time I will plan on guides all three days because the wading is too soft in many areas such as lakes and the fish seem to be spread out between schools. Seems Tarpon schools were more accessible in morning until 10am. That may be conjecture as this was my first time.

bonefish flats accessible without guide boat belize

I packed stuff I didn’t use like VHF radio, snorkel and mask, too many Flies and clothes. I brought new Simms wade boots that were too difficult to take on and off. Should have brought zip booties for few times I did wade because in the boat barefoot is best for line management. Note: my feet sweated a lot so I will bring a hand or kitchen towel to stand on when casting.  Next time I wear shorts, pocket shirt for passport and flip flops in route. In town best to bring $20s and $10s $100s are difficult to make change. Bring a ballpoint pen to fill out custom and immigration forms.  Rotate long pants and shorts, same for shirts alternate days to reduce sunburn while fishing with lots sunscreen. Flip flops and booties and bare feet on boat. Buff, hat, polarized and gloves with stripping finger protection. Shorts, tee and flip flops in camp until dark or as long as there is a breeze then long pants,shirts and bug spray til bedtime.  Great trip Justin, thanks for putting it together.  I'll absolutely be coming back”

~John Purcell


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