Los Roques Bonefish Club

A new access to the whole of the hidden archipelago

Los Roques is a mostly overlooked jewel in the flats fishing world, and thankfully so.  An archipelago of over three hundred and fifty islands all within a national park some eighty plus miles off the coast of Venezuela, access for foreign visitors is surprisingly easy.  But while the area has in fact been hosting fly fishermen from other countries already now for a few decades, it has also somehow managed to remain mostly "off the map", and the number of anglers who make the trip each year continues to be strikingly low.  Why?  We can't imagine.  But one thing is for certain; for all that we here at Hemispheres Unlimited are in the business of helping fishermen to access waters like these across the world, we also can't help but giggle to see not a single other flyrod on this one every single time we're there. 

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