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Trout Bum New Zealand

Kiwi country trout, without the cush

New Zealand is on the bucket list of pretty much every fly fisherman who doesn’t happen to live in, well, New Zealand.  It’s a spot that often remains trapped on the list as opposed to getting checked off though, mostly because of the common misconception that only the super-rich can afford to go fish those waters.  Not so! Yes, helicopters are nice; but four wheel drive and hiking boots work just fine as well, and as long as you are with someone who knows where to put them you can make the most of your time on the rivers of your South Island dreams. 



Brown trout were first introduced into New Zealand waters via the importation of 800 fertilized ova from Tasmania in 1867.  Rainbows arrived in the early 1880’s, descendants of the same McCloud River Steelhead that Argentine Patagonia was stocked with around this same time.  Both species found a most excellent new home environment and soon became prolific, although the browns to a greater degree than the rainbows.  For a look at the history of this fishery along with spectacular views of its scenery and the fishing itself, the video above is well worth the time it takes to watch.  Once you do though, the deal will probably be sealed - you're coming down.

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