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Trout Bum Rio Pico

Big Fish Water, without Breaking the Bank

The Rio Pico region of Chubut province, Argentina is known somewhat privately amongst area guides and outfitters as the best "big trout" country in all of Patagonia. Comprised of an immense network of interconnected lakes and west-flowing Pacific drainages that cut their way back through the Andes, this water is as far off the beaten path as it gets. And the Rio Pico Trout Bum package offers a unique, low-cost access to this country for anglers who don't mind a less luxurious trip as long as it will get them into incredible fishing. These itineraries are planned to utilize simple cabins, campgrounds with facilities, and sometimes even back-country camping set ups in order to fish a variety of spectacular environments as a means of maximizing time spent on the waters themselves with rod in hand. There are no mints on the pillows for sure, but the Hemispheres Unlimited team of guides does make certain that all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed in the way of preparations, meaning you’ll have everything you need to make the most of your time in pursuit of the fish that brought you all that way from home in the first place.


* Let us be the first here to give credit where credit is due: The term "Trout Bum" was coined (or at the very least first published) by fly fishing writer John Gierach, as the title of his popular 1986 collection of essays.

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