Zhupanova floats Kamchatka

Zhupanova Float Trip

An absolute classic for Kamchatka anglers

The Zhupanova was the first river "discovered" by western anglers in Kamchatka, and has remained a first rate destination ever since.  Our program floats the very best fifty seven miles of river, passing through a spectacular wilderness environment surrounded by ancient forests, snow capped peaks, and active volcanoes with abundant wildlife every day.  And the fish, well, the fish are simply amazing.  Guide Christiaan Pretorius filmed and edited a first class video tour of his recent season on the Zhupanova river; ride with him as he and his clients land some of the world's largest and most aggressive rainbow trout and sea-run Kundzha, then check out all the trip details below and drop us a line to begin planning your Zhupanova adventure of a lifetime.     



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