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Wild quail hunting, just like in the old days

Starting on March 15th each year Patagonia River Guides is proud to offer programs that combine hunting and fishing from their same classic lodge in Trevelin, Argentina.  This area of Patagonia is simply covered with wild California Quail, and PRG has over 100,000 acres of estancia lands leased for clients to hunt, plus all of the necessary dogs, guns, and guides to make this world-class bird hunting possible, either as a trip unto itself, or even just as an add on for an otherwise fishing focused trip.  Trophy Red Stag hunting is also available right outside the lodge backdoor on another 10,000 acre ranch which can be combined with bird hunting all the way through the month of May. 


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Contact us today for available dates and details, and get started on your way for this dream-trip of a lifetime to combine the best hunting and fishing available in beautiful Argentine Patagonia!


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