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Our Story

Hemispheres Unlimited is the natural spin-off of Patagonia Unlimited, a company founded by owner Justin Witt in Argentina back in 2008.  As that company built its very solid client base many guests began to ask for recommendations on other destinations that they could combine with the programs they were already enjoying in Patagonia.  Relationships then got developed with other similar outfitters on both sides of the Andes so that combination itineraries could be enjoyed.  This continued as clients asked for farther and farther reaching recommendations, and soon it became apparent that an all new project was called for.  So, with Patagonia Unlimited in the hands of a solid team more than capable of handling its operations without the owners' daily direction, Justin began to travel the globe guiding and exploring and slowly but surely putting together his own catalog of top notch fishing programs that he would then be able to direct his clients into, at no cost to them, without the fear of hearing about disappointments after the trips.  


As such, Hemispheres Unlimited was born.  A new team got built for this express purpose, and on the premise, understood by every member of its staff, that selling a trip is never, ever, anywhere near as important as making sure that every trip lives up to the clients' expectations.  As such, not only are we extremely selective about what we allow into our catalog, but we also tell the absolute truth about what conditions at those locations are like.  From the descriptions of the accommodations and fishing and the communication of travel details and potential problems, to the in-depth understanding of weather and on the ground conditions at each destination we offer, the Hemispheres Unlimited team tells it like it is, and as such, our client base has done nothing but continue to grow.


Hemispheres' focus has never been on having the biggest catalog, but instead on maintaining a direct connection of experience  with a selection of only the highest quality destinations around the globe.  And through frequent visits to these destinations, alongside constant monitoring of our clients experiences before, during, and after their trips, we make sure that not only do you end up in the right place at the right time, but with the right gear, expectations, and preparation to make each and every trip you book through us exactly what you wanted it to be, and usually even better than you expected.