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Trout Bum Jurassic

Finally, a back door to the big leagues

     Jurassic Lake has been in the news now  long enough for almost anyone who is plugged into fly fishing to know what it's all about.  Huge rainbows, lots Lago strobel size of rainbow troutof them a short walk from the super comfy lodge, and almost constant action.  But what most people don't know is that there is so much more to that operation's properties and waters than just the boca of the Barrancoso River.  And the Trout Bum Jurassic program is the first to combine time at the Classic Jurassic Lake Lodge with days on other awesome waters within the huge network of practically unexplored nearby watersheds that are continuously being discovered all around it.  

Spring creeks, smaller lakes, and the upper river all provide angling opportunities on Jurassic Lake estancias


Plus, not everybody can afford (or is even looking for) a standard week in the lodge with its short walk to the mouth of the river.  The Trout Bum Jurassic program is instead a continuously expanding exploratory mission, with its base of operations at the lodge itself and plenty of fishing at the classic boca, but combined with access to the over 20 kilometers of the Rio Barrancoso that lie within the boundaries of the estancia, plus the Rio Capitan, Arroyo Moro and many other as yet unnamed spring creeks within the surrounding properties, a huge number of small and mostly unnamed lakes, plus the lake which is fast becoming known as the "new Jurassic", Lago Quiroga.  In other words, there is A LOT left to explore, and the possibilities seem only to be expanding.    

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