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Lago Strobel Lodge

An all new stretch of shoreline

Hemispheres has been fishing Jurassic Lake for more than a decade now, and in that time very little has changed in terms of access to its waters.  Strobel remains the completely isolated and unbelievably spectacular fishery that it was when we first found it.  And now, beginning in 2017, there is a tiny back door opening onto an enormous coastline of this lake at a price that is more affordable than ever before.  For a limited number of anglers each year this all new environment of Strobel’s fishery is available to explore.  Don't you think it's time to finally come on down?

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Contact us today for available dates and details, and get started on your way to this dream-trip of a lifetime to see just why Jurassic Lake has captured the hearts and imaginations of so many fly fisherman from across the globe.


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