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Belousiha River Lodge

A Classic Kola Salmon Lodge, at an Affordable Price

The Belousiha River on the Kola Peninsula was quite a find.  It's a smaller river, tucked away and overlooked for many years, only one hundred and fifty kilometers from Murmansk by car.  Pretty much since the Kola became famous for fly fishing, anglers have flown right past it in helicopters bound for the other famous rivers to the south.  But as it turns out, the Belousiha has a huge run of salmon, and represents a unique environment within which to pursue them with tactics much more diverse than the usual spey stick "chuck n' duck-repeat".  Plus, without the added expense of helicopter flights and competing for spots with the gentrified European crowd, Belousiha has turned out to be a value that's impossible to beat for foreign anglers traveling to the peninsula, and as such well worth checking out for anyone interested in a classic Atlantic Salmon experience.

(Video is in Russian, but shows the lodge, river, and fishing quite well)

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