Jungle Bum Colombia

Peacocks, Payara, and Wilderness Adventure

     Colombia?  Yes - Colombia.  Hidden just to the North of the Amazon basin sits a fishery almost no one knows exists.  Here giant Peacock Bass and saber-toothed Payara swim amongst Pacu, Gilded Catfish,  Tambaqui and countless other species through the runs and rapids of the Orinoco River and its tributaries, the Tuparro and Tomo.  And our Jungle Bum Colombia program puts you right into the middle of this fishery within the 1.2 million acre Tuparro National Park, under the care and protection of the Puinave natives who reside there.  The whole park sees less than 500 foreign tourists a year; it doesn’t get much more off the beaten path than this.


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Drop us a line!  Space really is super limited for this unique program, so get in touch and let's meet up in the Jungle for some fish and an adventure you'll never forget.


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