Blast & Cast Buenos Aires

Ducks n' Dorado on the Rio Parana in Argentina

Luciano Alba's development of the Blast & Cast program on his already famous River Cruiser mobile lodge was one of the most exciting pieces of news we at Hemispheres have received in many years.  Since setting up shop in Argentina back in 2009 we'd looked at a lot of bird hunting operations all over the country for consideration in the catalog, but there was always something that didn't work, usually the fact that all the birds the hunters shot got burned or thrown away, which our own owner Justin Witt simply could not abide.  Not so with this program.  And not only do all the birds get eaten, a good share of them are prepared by the program's own chef right there on the boat, and eaten by the guests themselves!  



This program was developed after having already run the Golden Dorado fishing off the same boat and in the same waters for many years, so the crew was quick to adapt to a new type of guest.  Add to that the fact that this is one of the best locations for duck hunting on the globe, and you've got a recipe for an experience you'll never forget.  

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