Jordan Cavanaugh

Hey Justin,


Here is my review for Pintis:  Awesome.



Beautiful lodge, room, grounds etc… plenty of hot water and it is safe to drink. Laundry service as needed, rooms are superior for table, with plenty of storage space for clothing and gear.  Super secure, never locked my room, left gear everywhere and it was right where I left it.



You guide for your stay meets you at the airport , and you have lunch and dinner with him, Pinti and the other anglers every dinner.  Breakfast at 6:30, on the water by 7.  Back to the lodge  For lunch and a nap and back fishing from 4:25-dark.  Then appetizers and dinner!  



Fishing is off the hook, I released about 25 dorado, 2 pacu and many other species and quantities.  Fishing 80 percent of the time an 8wt, 20% a nine.



Overall a super high end lodge and fishing experience, with amazing people and staff in a gorgeous setting.  Literally the most beautiful fishing lodge I have ever stayed in.



I’m happy to discuss with any future potential anglers who want to experience the best there is.


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