Jennings Family

Our family had an incredible adventure. It felt like going to Montana, circa 1840. In six days of fishing, we saw no other people fishing on our walk and wade days.  And in three days of lake fishing, we saw a grand total of one other boat (for about two hours). We caught a lot of fish, including the biggest rainbow, brown and brook trout we have ever seen. Fishing against a backdrop of the Andes with a fresh light snow on their higher elevations was spectacular.

Our guides were wonderful.  They put us on the fish, and they were kind, thoughtful, enjoyable people to be around. Getting to know them over six days of fishing added a unique aspect to our trip. 

Justin and his family were interesting and considerate hosts who took great care of us and treated us like family.  And we had booked the trip with a focus on the fishing and natural setting — we were pleasantly surprised by the tasty and hearty Argentinian meals.

Bucket list trip for anyone who loves trout fishing, epic and unspoiled mountain lakes, streams and valleys, an immersion in Patagonian people/culture, and/or outdoor adventure generally.

~ John and Landra Jennings (and their two sons)


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