Gil Sandvik

Estancia Tres Valles, Trout Bum Rio Pico, Lago Rosario Lodge

March 7th-21st 2017


The amenities at Tres Valles and Lago Rosario were fantastic, as was the fishing. But for me personally, the Trout Bum was the most enjoyable portion of the trip. The guides were most accommodating as well as knowledgeable. There was nothing they wouldn't do to make every day an exciting adventure in fishing. Besides the fishing itself the waters and landscape were breathtaking. I took more pictures of the scenery than I did of fish we caught, and we caught a lot of fish. Gustavo and Guillermo made even the most trying weather conditions an awesome and enjoyable adventure.




They made some very delicious meals as well. From the time we landed in Patagonia until we departed our only real responsibility was to hook up, land fish, and enjoy all that Patagonia had to offer.


Jesse, Ely, Gil, and Mike


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