George Sutherland


Trout Bum Jurassic - May 2023


Hi Justin - just returned home from what is probably the most memorable fishing trip of my life! Thank you for putting this together. All worked beautifully! Staff, logistics, lodge, oh…and fish.



My wife Carrie asked for a one-word summary. Best I could come up with was…intense. Everything about it was intense. The remoteness, the weather, the fish. When you need 4WD just to get to the lodge. Battery powered by solar/ generator. Fish that run into the 20 pounds and will take you far into your backing. Glad I replaced some backing and retied some Bimini twists! You once described these fish as bison, and you were right. They will exploit and amplify any little mistake you make. Caught four fish over 20#, never thought that would happen once let alone four times. Expert guides with whom you instantly become good friends, and are always there with help and coaching. I emerged a better angler than I was when I started.  Wind, cold, waves, snow - yeah, intense. And travel was seamless, Alicia’s team was on their game and all went beautifully. I will be dreaming about this one and smiling for a long time! Big thanks to you, to Emiliano and the staff, and to Alicia for everything.


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