Gallegos Bum 2023 Group

The all new Gallegos Bum

Sea Run Browns

April 2023


This was an exploratory trip checking out a new destination for our Bum catalog, and it delivered!  We'll be building it in right away and only have two weeks to offer for next season.  Here's what some of the group that went this year had to say when they got back:


Chad Agy


-I have a tendency to view every trip through rose colored lenses, but personally this one makes the upper tier of all the trips I’ve been on.



-The fishing was challenging but not impossible. I think this is characteristic that most experienced anglers enjoy.


-The guides are fantastic casting instructors. We had anglers with a wide range of experience levels on this trip, and everyone came back with improved casts on both the single and double handed rods. 



-That said, the better anglers on the trip definitely caught more sea trout. Less experienced clients should adjust their expectations. Although I get the feeling that very few people go home without landing at least one sea trout. The guides went out of their way to make sure everyone caught a nice fish. Numbers of sea trout caught ranged from 13 to 1 per angler for the week.



-This would be a fun fishery even without the sea trout. Especially the Penitente has good numbers of 16-24” browns. This kept things interesting during periods where the sea trout were in a mood. 



-One thing that might frustrate some people is that lunch back at the lodge and siesta time are taken very seriously. This is not a program where you’re gonna get 12+ hour days on the water like Rio Pico. A couple guys in the group were very content with that. A few of us could have been out there a little more. Fortunately the Penitente is a 5 minute walk from the house. I caught a 16 lb sea trout within sight of the lodge while the guides were having a siesta one day.



-The lodge/house is old but nice. The single rooms are awesome. My dad and I even had a private bathroom in our rooms. Maybe not as fancy as the highest end lodges, but I think clients interested in the “bum programs” would be blown away.



-I thought the food was fantastic. Lunch in particular was top-end restaurant quality.


-This would be a good program for clients with physical limitations. The walking is fairly minimal as the Hilux gets you anywhere you want to go on the estancia. The wading is easy. Lucho told me they get a lot of clients in the 70-80 age range for this reason. 



-There is lots of wildlife on the estancia. Rheas, flamingos, foxes, condors, eagles, guanacos, armadillos, and dozens of other bird species. Probably the best collection of wildlife I’ve seen on my 3 trips to Patagonia.




Ken Libre


"I was the least experienced angler on the trip and really had an excellent time. The guides  (Diego, Federico, Luciano/Lucho) were great teachers, patient, and got me double hauling and casting well in adverse, heavy winds.  Around day 3, I was putting it all together.  I now want a Spey rod and would love to return!



The lodge food and service experience was great with low client to staff ratio. Two servers Mika and Flor served us meals, beer and wine until late at night. Almost seemed unnecessary that they hung around to pour us drinks, but was a nice touch. Chef Matias cranked out great food.  Raquel was really attentive; she seemed to direct the food service operation.



The accommodations were great.



Thanks for putting this trip together and I hope to fish with you again in the future.






Pete Agy


Hi Justin,


Had a great time fishing the Rio Gallegos and Penitente.  


I struggled with the sea run fish—had 2 on, lost the first because of too little pressure and the second with too much pressure.  Thursday I was fishing with Diego, who we had already been nicknamed Sensai because of his amazing spey casting ability and instruction in that technique. We were on the upper-upper Penitente walking to another run/hole when he turned to me and imparted the following wisdom…. “Peter, I once had and instructor who taught me that you do not choose the fish, the fish chooses you.”  We continued to the waters edge, first cast down stream and against the far bank, twitch, twitch, strip, strip—BOOM!  A few minutes later this happened.


20 lbs, 91 cm on a single handed 7 weight.



Great trip, great guides, great food, great staff and accommodations   I look forward to returning there some day.



On Tuesday, 1st August 2023, 10:30 am Administrator said:
Hey Alex, Glad you enjoyed the post! This one really is a cool trip, and we only ever get to offer it two weeks of every season. I wish it wasn't so close this year to your Jurassic Bum trip or we'd just try to combine the two! See you in May either way, ~Justin
On Tuesday, 1st August 2023, 2:03 am Alex Kennedy said:
Looks like a cool trip in an awesome place.

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