David Ellis

Trout Bum Rio Pico and Lago Rosario Lodge Trip Report


David Ellis


As for feedback:  I am petty laid back, go with the flow person and really had no expectations on what trout fishing in Argentina's Patagonia would be like.  I loved it!

The people were wonderful, airport shuttle, cook staff, guides, waiters, you and your family and Alicia did a great job making my 1st Patagonia experience awesome.  The rivers were spectacular and the fishing was wonderful.  I preferred the river fishing, hiking and wading over floating lakes in a raft (although all the big fish came from the lakes).  I am pretty sure I would really have enjoyed the option to camp and fish rivers.


I had no real problem with the tight quarters in Rio Pico, actually I liked the adventure and getting to know and practicing my limited Spanish with the guides and staff was fun.  Karina was so nice and did an excellent job feeding that many mouths pretty much solo. The meals were great for me.  I am not a big eater nor do I have to have fancy gourmet meals.  


Alfredo was excellent, knowledgeable and very helpful, being with him was a joy. I regret not tapping into his knowledge more (some of that was due to Bob needing more help), which was fine with me.  Although I hate to admit it a lot of the frustration on my part was me having to request assistance.  Getting old sucks! 


The guitar playing and singing were such a treat.  Alfredo was always ready to help with anything we needed, such a talented nice person and hard worker.


Lago Rosario was over the top, the food, wine accommodations and staff.  Enrique was an excellent host who also went out of his way to make sure we were all happy.  Also very interesting to converse with.  The fishing was not quite as good at Lago Rosario as it had been in Rio Pico and the traveling to the fishing there was longer, but the scenery was awesome.  The airline flight change made the drive to Bariloche tight but we made it.


You and your wife were very helpful.  I appreciate having only 2 in a room in Rio Pico.  I hope that did not cause you problems.


What I did not expect was the wind.  You read about Patagonia wind but you have to experience it to believe it.  It made drift fishing from the raft almost impossible on rivers.  We were fortunate to have our first 3 days warm with calm winds.


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