Pat Salter and Bernd Metzger

June 23rd-30th 2017
We had an excellent week. Pick up from Murmansk (and return journeys were fine).  Accommodation was good -  we were the only 2 guests.  Food for breakfast and especially Dinner was outstanding. Lunch very functional
Given that Bernd and I had never fished the guiding by Robin and Max was great - considerate of our need and abilities.  Robin also gave a lot of instruction and advice. Without this coaching it would have been a much less satisfactory week.  Max was equally supportive, especially when we had flight changes on leaving.
The product of all this was Bernd a trout on his first ever cast, 16 salmon between us, (Bernd had 7 in one day!)  Between us we caught all the species, on various rods -  a great result !!
The weather was very good, fish jumping and we were very satisfied as novices.
The camp had a lot of staff visitors, who were interesting and generally we were not too much effected by the detailed running and camp organisation. As guests maybe the less we see of this side of it the better.

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