The classic flats fish, anywhere and everywhere they are found

Affordable Bonefish Lodge BahamasBonefish are the natural starting point for most anglers beginning to explore what flats fishing is all about; but they are also a species that tends to hold interest the rest of those fishermen's lives.  Classic in every sense of the word, bones are the sight fisherman's dream, requiring accuracy and delicacy, good eyes and an instinct for patterns, but still often enough reacting the way we want them to to make any day spent pursuing them an exciting adventure on the water.  Hemispheres Unlimited trip planners have spent plenty of time looking at destinations for bonefish, and selected only the very best for inclusion in our catalog.  Each lodge has its own unique approach, environment, and average sizes of fish, so contact one of our advisers today to get started on planning your next flats fishing adventure of a lifetime!