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Why Choose Hemispheres?


The Difference Between Us and the Other Guys:


Hemispheres Unlimited is not your typical flyfishing travel company. There are plenty of other vendors out there pushing oversized catalogs and selling destinations they can’t keep tabs on. Every person on our team spent years as a guide or an outfitter hearing stories about clients' disappointments with other trips they had been on that were sold to them as one thing and delivered as another. Our way of avoiding the same is to make sure that selling a trip is never, ever, anywhere near as important as making sure that every trip we do sell lives up to the clients' expectations.  As such, not only are we extremely selective about what destinations and programs we offer, but we also tell the absolute truth about what conditions at those locations are like.  From the descriptions of the accommodations and fishing to the communication of travel details and potential problems and the understanding of weather and on the ground details at each destination we offer, the Hemispheres Unlimited team tells it like it is, and as such, our client base has done nothing but continue to grow.


Our Services are Always Absolutely Free to You!

Booking a trip through Hemispheres Unlimited NEVER costs you a single penny more than it would if you booked directly with the destination, and in some cases, it can even cost you less. The advantage of booking through us doesn’t stop there though. Hemispheres trip planners spend the time it takes getting to know our clients before we book them a trip, allowing for a more educated and objective decision making process about which destinations will best suit their personal tastes and desires. Then after each trip we do our own follow up to make sure it all turned out the way our clients wanted, adding further knowledge to a relationship that usually continues for years to come.



Hemispheres Unlimited

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